Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Game Dev Story Gets Another Sequel. Out Now In Japan.

Surprise, surprise.  With the wild popularity of Game Dev Story, developer Kairosoft released a sequel recently, that puts you and your staff on the other spectrum of the games industry, sales! Hit the link to get some fresh details!

 "Waiwai! The Game Dealer" puts you in the shop, asking you to manage the inventory in a world where you cant control the IPs that are developed.  Sell titles, manage employees, and sell foods to keep customers happy in your store, to become the most popular game retailer of all-time.

This title is only available in the App Store in Japan right now, but we can always hope an English port to cover worldwide App Stores, and Android OS.  Finally, something to hold our attention until Game Dev Story 2 is released!

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